It was a sunny day last January 31, 2015 and all the staffs are jaded so the management decided to have a mini games. Before we go to the details, last January 21, 2015 with Mr. Sune’s initiative to have an open-forum the staffs are gathered to start the activity. Some suggested having an Icebreaker every 3pm to cut-off the dullness. As a result, staffs are divided into 3 respective teams.


The teams are Team Legacy which includes Ian, Jan, Al, Jeanex, Diosanne, Nichole, and Niel the Team Yolo, Nicko, Siony, Aileen, Jessah, PJ, Daylin, and Jessel. Lastly the Team Maxx with, Shena, Starlet, Clent, Joenel, Loida, Flordane, Knoriza and Nidjee. The materials of the game are plastic spoon and egg. The mechanics is that they need to position the plastic spoon (the handle only) inside their mouth, and place the egg in the slightly curve area of the spoon. After that they need to bypass a pole which was set 1 meter away from the starting line and pass the egg to another player until they finished the game.


The game was held at the rooftop of the office, the game was packed with sweat, cheering, picture taking and techniques. The winner of Egg Relay is the Team Legacy the second game will be this week. So stay updated for more pictures.



The whole staff including the OJT’s


Team Legacy


Team Maxx

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