Congratulations to Kieth from USEP (University of Southeastern Philippines) for a successful Internship with Team OSOmnimedia

Congratulations to Kieth from USEP (University of Southeastern Philippines) for a successful Internship with Team OSOmnimedia

A job well done to our trainee, Ms. Kieth Albarando, a Bachelor of Computer Technology  (BSCT) student from (USEP) University of Southeastern Philippines for successfully completing OSOmniMedia’s student internship program.

Kieth is now a certified alumni of our OJT Program for students after completing 270 hours of hands-on training. With the guidance of her mentor, Gian Carlo Andrada, she learned how to work on the Amazon platform, and was assigned to crucial tasks that include image editing and search engine optimization.

Kieth’s learning:

Well, the first thing that I learned during my OJT was to speak up because asking is the best way to help us with our difficulties in the task given. Second is time consciousness, don’t waste your time; you are there to share your knowledge and skills so don’t waste it.

1. Overall – how was the experience?

During the course of my Internship, I learn about the rules and procedure that is strictly imposed. Sometimes, I’m getting introverted because I think I am way too shy to even make a noise but as the days pass, I took in that I  need to be more focused, and do the task that was given to me and love what I’m doing. Overall, the experience was great!

2. What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?

I never encountered any difficulty in their program, because for me the important thing that you need to do is just to follow the instructions and don’t be shy to ask if you don’t know how to do the task given to you or solve the problem on your own.

3. What did you enjoy most about your experience?

Honestly I really enjoyed the time when my trainer was sharing his knowledge to me. I felt so blessed because he went to my desk to explain everything even though he still has work to do.

4. How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?

Well, I don’t have any problem with the staff and my coach however, I’d like to point out that at some point during my ojt I sometimes notice that someone is peeking over what I am doing and  that made me uneasy. On the other hand, I realized that I should overcome this feeling and apparently I was able to cope up with it.

Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with the staff at all. Everyone is approachable and has the patience to teach whenever you ask them.

5. What are your plans going forward?

My plan after this internship is to finish the remaining semesters left in my program at USeP.

6. What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia:

To the students who would like to have their internship at Osomnimedia, I guarantee that you will never regret it. Choosing this company will never be a regret because its work environment is very positive and employees are valued and appreciated. One more thing, Osomnimedia will be of great help since they have their training program that would enhance your skills and they provide trainer that is very knowledgeable, humble and calm.

Congratulations Kieth and we wish you all the best!

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