The Concentration Game

The Concentration Game


“The Concentration Game”

If your team is feeling drained and stressed, this fun exercise is a great way to refresh and energize them. It doesn’t require much time and the recommended group size is 8-10 people.

1. Participants will need to form two equal lines facing each other.
2. The game starts when one line turns around, giving the second line 40 seconds to change 10 things about themselves. This can include anything from jewelry or clothing being swapped with other people, untied shoelaces, a different hair do, or a switched watch or ring to the other hand. All changes must be something the other group can see.
3. After 40 seconds, the first group turns around and tries to find all the changes the other group made.
4. Once the changes have been recognized, the groups switch, giving each team a chance to make changes.
5. Every correct change spotted earns them a point. The team with the most number of points scored after three turns wins!

GOAL: This game will stimulate the participants’ minds and challenge their memory. Incorporate this activity when a lack of energy is apparent.

The teams are Team A which includes Allan, Nathan, Aileen, Kenneth, Ally, Dimple, Joeven and Aniebert and the Team B with, Ann, Jeanex, Jayne, Monalisa, Justine, Daylin, Loida and Jecris.