On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: Davao Del Norte State College (DNSC)

On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: Davao Del Norte State College (DNSC)

On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: Davao Del Norte State College (DNSC)

School Motto: An Institution of Higher Learning and Teaching Excellence

URL: http://dnsc.edu.ph/

Name of the School: Davao del Norte State College

Address of the School: Panabo City, Davao del Norte

Phone #: (084) 628 4301

History of Davao Del Norte State College

The vision to establish the college began with Mayor Gregorio Dujali’s vision that educating local fishermen would solve the diverse problems of fishing and lead to sustainable livelihood and environment in the municipal waters. Congressman Lorenzo Sarmiento and Senator Alejandro Almendras initiated legislation that led to the creation of the Davao del Norte School of Fisheries (DANSOF) on April 29, 1969 by virtue of Republic Act 5876.

Plans were on hiatus for six years due to lack of budgetary allocation; Tranquilino Benigno  worked for the inclusion of DANSOF in the annual budget. On January 5, 1976, DANSOF started its operation within the compound of Panabo Provincial High School (PPHS). In 1979, the Davao Regional Institute of Fisheries Technology (DRIFT) was established at DaNSoF, having been chosen among the seven fishery schools under the 6th IBRD Fishery Education Development Program.

Upon the retirement of Benigno as DRIFT director and DANSOF administrator, Dr. Vicente Hermoso was appointed on December 15, 1992 as vocational school superintendent. The school was converted to the Davao del Norte State College (DNSC) on February 14, 1995, through the Republic Act 7879 authored by Congressman Rodolfo del Rosario. Hermoso became the first president of DNSC.


We envision the Davao del Norte State College to be: A premier institution of higher learning that is imbued with its core values for the development of human resources, and generation and utilization of knowledge and technology for a productive, sustainable, just, and humane society.


As an institution of higher learning and teaching excellence, informed by research and empowered to carry out extension and production services, DNSC shall:

1. provide equitable access, quality, relevant, and environment – friendly programs in instruction, research, extension;

2. promote good governance and adopt mechanisms to continuously upgrade institutional standards;

3. enhance capabilities and work ethics of the workforce of the institution; and

4. develop appropriate linkage and network in the implementation of College programs.

Insights from Student Interns…

Being an IT Student is never easy. Looking back when I was a freshman student, I thought IT is just “typing thing” to do but no, this is not just only “typing thing” but a real complex situation wherein you have to deal with. Before deciding to take this course, I have no idea what this course means, I don’t have any background with IT since I was just forced to take this.

My first choice would be fine arts or architecture in which that field would fit for me and I will be excelled but sad to say my parents didn’t support me for the choice I made so I was forced to take this course (IT). Well since I have no choice at all but to accept and take the opportunity to love this course and think positively that I should have to study hard and finish this field to be ready in the real world.

Thanks to my classmates and friends who encouraged & motivate me even those hard times especially during defense, those sleepless nights just to finish our capstone project. Thank you also to my parents for unending support, financially, morally and spiritually.

Above all to God who guide us in every step that we take.



Garri Mikhail Aguirre, BSIT
DNSC (OSOmnimedia Intern, 2020)

To be an Information Technology student of DNSC is not very easy, they said IT course in our school is the easiest among other courses but IT will change your life because this kind of course has a unique language that no other courses can understand.

If you don’t focus on your studies, for sure you will fail so I decided to set aside my friends & strive hard to step up on fourth year level. I know it’s a very difficult course but when you think that way it will bring you down so instead of thinking negatively, I always dream that someday I will reach the 4th year level and now I am here dreaming another goal & thinking for a better future.

Thanks to our school because they taught me so many ways to face a problem. And to our beloved teachers… a big clap for them because they are teaching us with love & patience.



Jomar John M. Asilo, BSIT

DNSC (OSOmnimedia Intern, 2020)


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