Professional IT Support & Computer Services from OSOmnimedia Design Group Davao Philippines

Professional IT Support & Computer Services from OSOmnimedia Design Group Davao Philippines

In today’s world, businesses need technology and reliable IT professionals to assist & handle all of your hardware and software
needs. Companies depend on computers, software and the internet to operate their business, no matter how big or small it is.

Computers have now become an integral part of our daily lives and are commonly used in many areas. A computer is one of the
best tools to create websites for business, to automate business transactions by using online banking and payment gateway,
among others.

It is an important utility for people, especially those who run a network or are part of an organization or industry, among others.
Without a computer, it’s impossible to conduct, run and grow a business. That’s why computers are vital to use in
business organizations and companies.

The OSOmniMedia IT team understands the need for modern technology for business and companies in order to advance
and to be competitive in their industry.

We can consult and assist you on how to setup a company network, get internet service, and share files across a network of PC’s. 

  • Computer Setup and Configuration
  • Local Area Network
  • Share Printers and Files
  • Linux Server Setup and Configuration
  • Office Wifi Setup
  • Website / Web hosting
  • Data backup and restoration services
  • Serving the greater Davao City Area (Philippines)

This necessity is what influenced and inspired our team to provide IT and computer technical assistance to local businesses,
with services varying from mere remote technical support to on-site servicing and consultation.

Computer Services by OSOmnimedia

Team OSOmniMedia offers basic computer configuration, networking, Linux server setup and installations.

We can connect your PCs into a local area network, set up a wifi connection, share printers, and share files and folders from
your file server.

IT & Computer Services

1. Computer Set-up – Need a workstation built and customized? Tell us what type of PC you need and we’ll build one for you.

Computer Set-up

2. Printer & File Sharing –  Easily print or access important files and documents from multiple computers on your offices or homes with a shared network.

Printer & File Sharing

3. On-site Support & Consultation – Need something specific for your office or home? Our computer and IT experts can provide you solutions for your PC & Networking needs.

On-site Support & Consultation

4. Local Area Networking – Make it easier for your employees and staff to share important files and folders with a local network
for your office computers.

5. Linux Server Setup – Secure your necessary office files and data by hosting them on a top of the line server that runs on
Linux Operating System.

We are a team of dedicated professionals in Davao City, Philippines, ready to assist you with your IT and computer services needs.

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