Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Yan”

Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Yan”

Diploma in Information Technology at Holy Child College of Davao – A warm welcome to Ariane A. Cadiz (On the Job Trainee) – Class of November, 2017.

Name:  Ariane A. Cadiz

Nick Name:  Yan

Age: 21 years old

School Name & City:  Holy Academy IT Academy, Davao City

Major: DIT -Programming

Future Career Goals: Web Designer

Favorite Subject in School: System Analysis and Design, Web Design (CSS/HTML)

Hobbies:  I love reading books, meet new people

Favorite Restaurant or Dish: Seafood Hotspot

Would you prefer Money or Love?  I prefer Love but I want to be a responsible daughter and want to have my own savings. I want to help my family and friends if ever they need financial.

In your significant other, what would you prefer; Beauty or Brains? I prefer brains, so I can apply those advance works and studies. I want to be a better person that my parents and friends will be proud of.

Dream Destination outside the Philippines: First I want to work on my own country and help our economy. If ever God will give me the opportunity to work abroad I will go and work to Japan.

What would you like to learn or experience at OSOmnimedia? I want to experience to work in the industry company. I want to learn new skills or information that will help my career. I want to experience working with new people.