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DMMA College of Southern Philippines

Address: Tigatto Road, Buhangin, Davao City

Phone: (082) 241 20 90

History of DMMA

The DMMA College of Southern Philippines was established in October 1993 and was then known as Davao Merchant Marine Academy. From humble beginnings, it now has claimed its own site – a 5.2-hectare land which boasts of several important infrastructures: the five-storey Castaeda Building, the three-storey Maritime Building which also houses the Full Mission Bridge and Engine Simulator, the IMO-standard swimming pool, the two-storey Culinary Arts Center Building, the NSA dormitory building, learning-friendly classrooms and other amenities.

Indeed, after only 14 years of operation, the college has achieved such a remarkable growth that enabled it to establish a solid reputation not only in the maritime industry but also in the academic world, in general. It has acquired a name that is synonymous to excellence and quality in the field of instruction, training and assessment.

At this point in its history, DMMA College of Southern Philippines is no longer just known as a maritime institution. From the three initial course offerings: BS Marine Transportation, BS Marine Engineering and Seafarers Rating Course, it has now expanded into other fields as well.

The college has finally opened its doors for other course offerings: BS Nursing, BS Customs Administration, BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, BS Hotel and Restaurant Management and Associate Hotel and Restaurant Management. And very recently, DCSP has started to offer the two-month Culinary Program for Ship’s Cook.

Truly, the DMMA College of Southern Philippines is serious and determined in taking great steps to further the name and reputation that it has established in the field of education, training and assessment.

With the phenomenal growth that it has achieved after all these years, we can expect far greater things from this organization in the years to come. The people behind this institution, with their great resolve and strong willpower, will continue to make DCSP a world-class learning and training institution.


Offering excellent enhancement, training and assessment programs which will ultimately improve the quality of life of its students, employees and all those affected in all its sphere of operation. It has continuously provided its teachers, professors and even the office staff and personnel, the opportunity to further their studies and enhance their competencies thru various seminars, workshops and trainings.


Throughout its years of operation, it never ceased upgrading its computer facilities and systems. It has always prioritized building and expanding its infrastructures with the aim of providing a more ideal and conducive venue for the education and training of its students. Year in and year out, it has undergone various audit and assessment from reputable government and private accrediting institutions and has passed such audits with flying colors. This in effect led the DCSP management to continually adopt a high standard of quality in its overall operations.

Insights from Student Interns…

As an Information Technology student from DMMA College of Southern Philippines, taking up this course is not my first choice it was my second choice. But choosing this course is not that hard for me because I knew in the future it will be so in demand. Dealing with computers everyday is not okay but for me it is my daily routine checking emails, entertainments, and others.

As they say, this course is so hard that few people can only survive and graduate but for me this course is challenging. You can learn everything about in the society, learn about software’s that only IT and CS people may understand or as what they say are “jargons”.

Learning about computers is so much interesting even though there are some difficult to understand. But we have our professors to teach and elaborate to us if we cannot understand. Friends and classmates that are able to contribute their knowledge about in the field of technology.

I am striving hard, understand and fighting to the days that will come. Leading to the future success to be an IT professional.




Zie E. Gementiza, BSIT,

    DMMA Davao (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2018)

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