HCCD Motto: “Opus Deo Dignum (We Need to Meet)
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Holy Child College of Davao (HCCD)

Address: E. Jacinto Street, Davao City, 8000

Phone: 222-4215, 222-4095

History of Holy Child

The Holy Child College of Davao (formerly Holy Child Day Care and Learning Center) was founded in August 28, 1981 by Mrs. Victoria D. Leuterio in Davao City, during the Marcos government. There were only two classrooms as a preparatory school and the school move to its present site along Jacinto Street. The school levels were given by the government in 1986; the time when the Marcos regime ended.

The school has three campuses –Jacinto Campus, Green Meadows Campus and Buhangin Campus.The second campus offers High School and the Sunday High School diploma in 2002 and 2003 respectively. The school changed its name– The Holy Child School of Davao and The Holy Child College of Davao in 2003 and 2012 respectively.

In 2003,the school began offering college courses such as two-year courses in Diploma in Information Technology and Office Skills Management with Desktop Publishing and other short courses. It was in 2004 that the school began to offer College of Nursing, College of Commerce and the College of Education. In 2013, the school added the courses Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, BS in Physical Therapy, BS in Occupational Therapy, and BS in Library and Information Science. The School of Criminology was added in 2015.

Also they provide Holy Child Boys and Girls Brigade. Since 2017 Holy Child join Boys’ Brigade Philippines and it was the 1st Davao Company for Boys’ Brigade.


The EDUCATON PROGRAM of the Holy Child College of Davao is an eminent provider of educators who are catalysts of student’s cognitive, physical, spiritual and psychosocial development.


Through the various curricular offerings, the EDUCATION PROGRAM provides students with experiences and opportunities to:

  • Become a multiple intelligent educator;
  • Enhance agility, endurance and fitness to meet the rigors of the physical environment;
  • Encounter God, share His words and reach out to others;
  • Develop positive attitude towards self and others;
  • Relate harmonious and interdependently with people in the community and society in general.

Insights from Student Interns…

My three years experienced in BSIT and two years in DIT Major in Programming, I can really say that having good logical and critical thinking is needed when studying IT, because most problems and projects you will face won’t have the answer laid out for you; you need to be the one to think, formulate and create the answer.

Studying BSIT at JoBS Academy and DIT at HCIT Academy made me took interest in a course that wasn’t my choice in the first place. I really liked it when I faced coding challenges and problems, and when the teacher made us create programs. It was then that I was getting so interested in learning more about coding because I get the freedom to solve problems in my own process, the freedom to create things out of what I learned, and the experience of learning a new language. Every semester they demand an output from the students, which I honestly a very good idea because it really challenges the students’ minds and push their knowledge to the limits. Being an IT student is not easy at all, but if you like challenges and solving puzzles, I’m sure you’ll have the best time in learning IT world.

Ultimately, I give my thanks to God for giving me opportunities, blessings and provisions. I also thank the instructors who shared their knowledge to their students and their patience in teaching. I also thank my parents for their support and provision.

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Samuel Jonne Bustamante, BSIT,

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