On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: Northern Mindanao Colleges, Inc. (NORMI)

On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: Northern Mindanao Colleges, Inc. (NORMI)

School Motto: Globally Competitive
URL: http://normi.edu.ph/beta/
Address of the School: Atega St., Brgy. 11, Cabadbaran City
Phone #: 818-1148 (343-0933)/+63(85)8185214

History of Northern Mindanao Colleges

It was immediately after the Second World War that a handful of enterprising and public spirited Cabadbaranons founded the school on March 15, 1946 that was to be known as Northern Mindanao Institute (NORMI). They were Dr. Mariano Atega, Mr. Valentine Cabonce, Atty. Primo Cabrera, Engr. Alfonso Alaan, and Mrs. Daylinda Pastrana.

With two hundred fifty students from first year to fourth year levels, they were housed on the residential building owned by the late Antonio and Segunda Dagani. But after three years of existence, the Bureau of Private School served a notice to NORMI to have its own school building and ground. The challenge was met headlong with Don Adolfo Mortola, Mrs. Basilisa A. Kittilstvedt, and Mrs. Telesfora Ong Oh chipping in five thousand pesos each for the construction of the new building and Atega Park, which served as the playground.

It was very unfortunate that Engr. Dagani succumbed to an ailment leaving behind some changes designed to improve collections and instruction. New hands took over the chairmanship of the board and Fidel V. Dagani Jr. assuming the Directorship.

The BOD of New NORMI has authorized Mr. George C. Cabrera to continue to act as President or Chief Executive Officer for reason of uniformity and to continue the smooth operation of the corporation until such time that the old NORMI is merged to the New NORMI. On 2008, a new election for BOD was held and Atty. Ricardo Gonzalez was elected as President of the school until present.


Northern Mindanao Colleges, Inc. envisions globally competitive academically excellent socially responsible and morally upright individual through technological, educational and holistic development.


To educate and mold individuals into productive and valuable citizens in the country and to be globally competitive, equipped with technologically advanced knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the dynamic society.

Insights from Student Interns…

So, as a BSIT student, taking this course is never been easy especially when you were a working student at the same time a student assistant to sustain my allowance and my tuition. My mother can’t support my scholastic needs. I should take a step to change my life. I am determined to learn that’s why other people are helping me unconditionally. All my skills and attitude were tested to finish my studies such as patience, honesty, faithfulness, and kindness, etc.

Being an optimistic person keeps me holding on to solve every obstacle in life and I can’t believe that I endured all the circumstances I’ve encountered, creating big space for opportunities. I learned a lot of things outside and inside school. I erudite more than I’ve expected. I also treated my superior when I was a student assistant as my second mother and my mentor that was always here for me, supporting my endeavor to success and always appreciating my work.

I’ve experienced more failure than success but I’m not embracing that situation negatively because I know that I can’t have a better tomorrow if I’m still thinking about yesterday. The struggle that I faced yesterday will be my strength for my tomorrow.




Nobbert Vincent C. Laganao, BSIT
NMCI Cabadbaran (OSOmnimedia Intern, 2018)

As a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student from Northern Mindanao Colleges my life as a student of this course wasn’t easy because in the beginning this wasn’t my first choice taking an IT course. One of my friends explained to me what being an IT is so I started to get interested on it. But there are some people who are saying that taking an IT course is very challenging and one of the hardest things to study, some of them are saying that you can’t survive in that course because you are not intelligent enough in terms of mathematics and analysis especially in programing. But in my mind there’s no course that is easy to accomplish, then after a year, I realized they were right. It wasn’t easy because of the tons of project that needs to be completed. I’ve experienced being sleepless just to finish the project. Also as part of my education, I nearly got a failing grade but I never stopped pushing it until I found my passion.

After all the hardships that I’ve encountered, especially on being a working student assistant as a network technician, and because of this course I found out what my passion really is, and that was networking, one thing that I learned in this course is that if you haven’t found your passion yet just try again and again, “no one will ever stop you from finding or aiming what your passion is”.

I learned a lot in this course but, if you ask me what my most important learning is, it’s that you should never stop accomplishing something even if you fail many times and you’ve encountered the difficulties, don’t ever give up and never stop learning until you succeed.

Kirk P. Gulle
NMCI Cabadbaran (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2018)

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