Job well done! Congrats Rico Jay for a successful internship at OSOmniMedia!

Job well done! Congrats Rico Jay for a successful internship at OSOmniMedia!

OSOMniMedia Rico for Successful Internship
Rico Jay Diza in the right along with his supervisor, Aniebert Ballo.

OJT Graduate Rico Jay Diza from CRNI (Computer Research Network, Inc.)

Congratulations to Rico Jay Diza for successfully completing his internship at the OSOmniMedia Web Design Studio!

A TVL (Technical – Vocational Livelihood) student from the Computer Research Network, Inc. Rico was able to complete 160 hours of internship under our web and graphic design team with the guidance of his mentor, Aniebert Ballo.

Rico’s learning:

This On the Job Training served as my stepping stone to pursue my dream. This training gave me an inspiration to be more serious and focused on my studies.  I learned it’s best to do and show my best. It inspired me to be more determined in everything that I do in my daily life as a student today and as a professional someday. My training will be very helpful to me as I continue to take my college journey.

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We wish Rico all the best on his future endeavours!

Overall – how was the experience?:

Nothing beats experience as the perfect learning tool. It was a privilege to be part on this company. During my training, I felt so nervous and at the same time excited to gain more knowledge. I know in my first day of training that it was going to be very difficult but it doesn’t mean I will give up, despite the short period of my training, it was still a very meaningful one.

What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?

The most difficult part of my work was image editing, as there was so much to do before you will be able to successfully upload it. If you do it wrong, you will go back and repeat from the start. The training made me realize that it is really good to know what you’re doing and to love it. As a student, what I can do for now is to learn whatever I can, be inspired, love the path I am taking, and do my best in everything I do, with positive outlook in mind.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?:

I enjoyed image editing and product listing with the guidance of my trainer, Sir Aniebert who trained me well and entertained all my questions at work.

How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?:

Staff are so witty, entertaining, kind and friendly. They are going to joke with us that makes us laugh. They did not treat me like I am only an OJT; they treated me nicely and politely.

What are your plans going forward?:

Find a suitable course and finish my studies so that I can reach my goals in life and find a good job.

What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia:

Don’t forget the things you have learned from the said company. Have more patience in learning because learning new things is a process.


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