Kudos Jade for Completing Your Data Specialist Internship!

Kudos Jade for Completing Your Data Specialist Internship!

Data Specialist Internship
Jazelle Jade in the left along with her supervisor, Monalissa Balocating.

Meet Jazelle Jade Lama, the latest student to complete our OJT Program.

A BSIT student from Sultan Kudarat, Jade had to travel and endure living away from her family for 600 cumulative hours to complete her internship with us. After four months of rigorous training with our Data Specialist team, Jade has finally earned her well-deserved certificate of completion!

Under the mentorship of Monalisa Balocating, a key member of our Marketing team (in charge of reviewing and analyzing sales trends for our popular international brands), Jade was trained in data research and analysis, as well as quality control using various online/e-commerce tools.

Good luck in your journey Jade!

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Post Training Interview

1. Overall – how was the experience?
I had a lot and great experiences here in Osomnimedia were I can be treasure, not only gaining new knowledge, skills, and attitudes, but also having great time in the faculty and staff, being friendly, and having happy moments when they conduct activities.

2. What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?
I don’t have anything to say about the difficulties. But they provide things that help me a lot during my training.

3. What did you enjoy most about your experience?
When we do activities such as exercises and osomnigames, I enjoyed to bond with them and seeing the faculty and staff having fun wearing their beautiful smile, and joking around.

4.How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?
The staffs are treating me well, they are so friendly inside and outside of the office. Easy to approach and they have a great personality.

5.What are your plans going forward?
After I finished my studies, I will be looking for an opportunity to get a job which is in line in my career and with my skills. I want to make my parents happy and save money for my future.

6. What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia?
I can say that if you want to choose a host training establishment for your OJT. I highly recommend the students who will enroll in Practicum/OJT subject to practice their skills and learning in Osomnimedia Web Design Studio for they contribute a lot of experience and learnings that we could apply in the near future. This learning is very useful because we experience a lot of knowledge that could not be forgotten.

NOTE:Osomnimedia OJT Job Training Programs for College Students

Advised to future student trainee:

1. Give your best.
2. Focus in your assign work or task.
3. Be honest.
4. Be diligent.
5. Be responsible.
6. Always smile.
7. Don’t be shy.
8. Be friendly.
9. Say sorry if you do something wrong.


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