Book 1 – Pre-Employment

Book One – Pre-Employment

Art. 12. Statement of objectives. It is the policy of the State:

1. To promote and maintain a state of full employment through improved manpower training, allocation and utilization;

2. To protect every citizen desiring to work locally or overseas by securing for him the best possible terms and conditions of employment;

3. To facilitate a free choice of available employment by persons seeking work in conformity with the national interest;

4. To facilitate and regulate the movement of workers in conformity with the national interest;

5. To regulate the employment of aliens, including the establishment of a registration and/or work permit system;

6. To strengthen the network of public employment offices and rationalize the participation of the private sector in the recruitment and placement of workers, locally and overseas, to serve national development objectives;

7. To insure careful selection of Filipino workers for overseas employment in order to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad.


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