OSOmniMedia Client Profile: Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI)

OSOmniMedia Client Profile: Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI)

URL: https://hfimarketplace.com

Company: Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) Marketplace

Address: 4666 Amber Valley Parkway Fargo, ND 58104

Contact #: 844-275-3443

Good for business. Good for people. Good for the land.

At Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI), they’re working to nourish lives. One authentic ingredient at a time. Their trusted family of specialty ingredient brands provides safe, healthy, premium-quality choices globally, with supply assurance. Through expertise and innovation, they’re cultivating goodness.

HFI has a natural, chemical-free solution. Their latest advancement in food safety is their state-of-the-art microbial reduction process, also known as MRP. It effectively reduces microorganisms while protecting the integrity and functionality of the ingredients. Their IntegriPure brand means industry-leading validation for a 5-log reduction providing you with food safety assurance, naturally.

Their customers have diverse needs and want the best value – and they’ve been meeting these needs for over 30 years. Today, they offer a substantial portfolio of healthy ingredients for multiple applications in food, pet food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care.

All of their ingredients are premium quality and responsibly sourced, all using good stewardship practices. They offer food safety assurance, naturally with their micro-reduction process solution, IntegriPure®.

     Process Benefits:

  • Validated 5-log reduction
  • Natural, chemical free
  • Effectively and consistently reduces
  • Protects ingredient integrity and functionality

Ready to explore the possibilities with HFI?

Find out more about Healthy Food Ingredients (HFI) and their products on their website, designed & developed by the OSOmniMedia Web Design team, at hfimarketplace.com.

You can also use their online form to let them know how they can help you.

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