Frustrating!  You’re going through another draft and it’s still not right…

Tons of spelling errors, design issues and poor grammar…OSOmniMedia Offshore Solution

“What is going on here..?? “ – you think..

Are you tired of over promises and delays in your web project?

You thought you could save money by outsourcing your web project to the Philippines but only ended up spending countless hours micromanaging a remote team
that barely understood what you were looking for…

They promised high quality at a low cost, but all you got was low(er) quality for a low cost…

And you’re debating whether or not you should continue struggling with this remote team or just scrap it all and start over again… !

After pulling your hair out, countless emails and Skype calls and going through dozens of drafts and iterations, you’ve basically had it…!

“I’m doing their job !… ” –  you think to yourself…

They assigned a remote manager to handle your project, but all he does is demand more payment and ask for more time.. and now he’s saying you’re being too picky…  He barely knows what he’s doing.. and obviously has no Quality Control over his team.  Let alone caring about  your business…


OSOmniMedia Offshore Solution

It’s time you work with Team Osomnimedia!  We are the Outsource Team that delivers on our promises, never over promising and always ADDING VALUE to your business!  Guaranteed!

We have over 10years experience working with American companies and understand the sensibility required to add value to your project.

As a South East Asian based company in the Philippines, we keep our costs low, and offer high value to you.


OSOmniMedia Offshore SolutionOur management team understands the frustration in working with off shore freelancers and web companies and promise that we are not cut from the same cloth…

Check out Team Osomnimedia and give us your next project.

We’ll do exactly what we promise, or you don’t pay…

Contact our office today and tell us what you need…

Visit us in Downtown Davao City, or have a Skype call with us (add us up:

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