OSOMniMedia Shopify Design Company in Davao City, Philippines

OSOMniMedia Shopify Design Company in Davao City, Philippines

If you run an online business, you know how important it is to keep customers buying more and more.

That means you’ve probably already discovered the benefits of using Shopify to run your ecommerce store.

If you’re looking for a design agency for your Shopify website, you came to the right place.

The OSOmniMedia Web Design Studio provides everything you need to design or revamp your ecommerce website or start it from scratch.

Shopify design allows you to communicate your brand to your customers, while displaying your products in an organized & pleasing way. Without great design, users could bounce from your site, or not trust your brand if it doesn’t look professional.

With Shopify design services, you’ll be able to present your products, and allow users to learn more about what you offer and your business as a whole.

Whether you’re just starting a new online business, or would like to expand your existing business to the online world, Shopify is definitely the perfect e-commerce platform for you.

The flexibility to continually improve its features, tools and designs, as well as its ability to grow with your online business, makes Shopify very appealing and at the same time unique from all the rest of the e-commerce platforms in the market today.

Choose a Shopify Design Expert

We are Shopify experts. From design, development and maintenance. As our designers and developers has had years of experience working under this platform for our clients overseas that engage in e-commerce and online selling.

We do Shopify sites from scratch, and have maintained several of them up until this moment…years after the initial versions were conceptualized and developed.

We provide Shopify design services for businesses both locally and internationally.

Tell us what you want and our designers and coders will take care of the rest.


  • Domain Registration (Inclusive of the first year fee)
  • Web Hosting (Inclusive of the first month fee)
  • E-mail Hosting (Inclusive of the first month fee)
  • Web Design/Blog Layout and Development
  • Index (Main) and Service Pages
  • Sitemap
  • Custom Loading Screen
  • 2 GB Space Allocation



  • Package is exclusive of any fee for post project work
  • Prices may change at any time.
  • This is a sample project price only

“Do not wait for years before you build your Shopify E-commerce Store, the earlier you start the more customers you’ll get”

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