Shopify Store Management and Design Services from OSOMniMedia in Davao City Philippines

Shopify Store Management and Design Services from OSOMniMedia in Davao City Philippines

OSOMniMedia Shopify Store Management Services

Whether you’re just starting a new online business, or would like to expand your existing business to the online world, Shopify is definitely the perfect e-commerce platform for you.

Despite being the leading online shop builder in the world, currently being powered by over 500,000 online shops and with over $40 billion worth of sales for various businesses, Shopify is not a very complicated and hard to navigate platform at all.

The flexibility to continually improve its features, tools and designs, as well as its ability to grow with your online business, makes Shopify very appealing and at the same time unique from all the rest of the e-commerce platforms in the market today.

We at OSOmniMedia are all too familiar with Shopify, as our designers and developers has had years of experience working under this platform for our clients overseas that engage in e-commerce and online selling.

We do Shopify sites from scratch, and have maintained several of them up until this moment…years after the initial versions were conceptualized and developed.

We provide Shopify support for businesses both locally and internationally.

Tell us what you want and our designers and coders will take care of the rest.

We offer flexible packages that will cater to both your needs and budget.



Domain Registration (Inclusive of the first year fee)

Email Hosting (Inclusive of the first month fee)

Web Design/Blog Layout and Development

Index (Main) and Service Pages

Product Page Layout + Product Pages (Up to 40)


Custom Loading Screen

Add to Cart and Checkout Functionality

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Whether you’re just a small time business owner looking to sell your products online for the first time, or a growing company wishing to branch out into internet shopping, we will be at your service.

Let us be part of your exciting journey into the growing world of e-commerce and Shopify. Give us a call now for a free consultation.


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