Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Nars”

Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Nars”


Let’s Welcome our latest Intern (On the Job Trainee) Lovely Grace P. Nara from University of Southeastern Philippines  – Class of April, 2016.

Name: Lovely Grace P. Nara

Nick Name: 

Age: 19 y.o

School Name & City: University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City

Major: Computer Technology

Future Career Goals: To become an employee in a certain company that can help me enhance the field that I have chosen.

Favorite Subject in School: Subjects related to computer  Hardware servicing.

Hobbies: Reading books, watching anime, movies etc. and eating.

Favorite Restaurant or Dish: I love any restaurants as long as it offers tasty foods and is budget friendly. I do like lasagna.

Would you prefer Money or Love? I would prefer love. Because money is the root of all evils. Money cannot make someone happy though it can buy all the wants and needs of a person. Money cannot buy love also. And love is everywhere and it is the key to have world peace.

In your significant other, what would you prefer; Beauty or Brains? I would prefer brains. Beauty is nothing if someone does not have brains. As the line goes what is beauty if the brain is empty. Brains can help you achieve your goals in life. In today’s generation, being wise is needed to become successful.

Dream Destination outside the Philippines: To visit England, South Korea, and Japan.

What would you like to learn or experience at OSOmnimedia? I would like to learn about web designing and Photoshop.

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