Post OJT Training Interview – Remart D. Remon

Post OJT Training Interview – Remart D. Remon

Remart in the left along with his Supervisor Nicko.

Overall – how was the experience?:
I found it fun and interesting and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be part of this company, even for a short time only. People are all friendly and they are easy to get along with.

What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?:
At first, I’m a bit confused to proofread the long confusing product names and its details but little by little, I’ve got it.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?:
I mostly enjoy having fun with my trainer and other staff here and I’ve learned a lot from them including working skills.

How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?:
The staff are all approachable and it’s nice knowing they’re always there to help you.

What are your plans going forward?:
For now, I’ll just focus on my studies.

What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia:
Just enjoy and love their work. And also, have fun with others.


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