Post OJT Training Interview – Sayyida Zahra A. Baraguir

Post OJT Training Interview – Sayyida Zahra A. Baraguir

Our staff Loida along with her trainee Sayyida Zahra!

1. Overall – how was the experience?:
The experience as a trainee at Osomnimedia was so great that I would never forget every part of it. I just love the silence while working with the staff and the fact that I’m in my own desk sitting and just working. I don’t even have a single regret for applying and spending my On-the-Job Training here in Osmonimedia.

2. What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?:
I don’t have anything in mind that makes the program difficult in my part because people at Osomnimedia are good and considerate so I was at ease. How the company is handling OJT was excellent. I think it would be the pressure that trainees feel about the fact that we are working with professionals.

3. What did you enjoy most about your experience?:
Aside from I feel like real worker in here, the most enjoying part is of course the fun I had with the staff. From simple chit-chats and good times, to spending game hour and the outside activity at Samal.

4. How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?:
The staff was nice. They could make us feel that we belong and they are easy and good to be with. They are such an approachable people.

5. What are your plans going forward?:
After this OJT, I have to finish my last semester in college then hopefully, graduate. And face the real world of career opportunity searching. I also wish to go back here in Osomnimedia for real after graduate because I really have come to like the work in here. So I will really try my luck out and apply job to be with this company as a worker.

6. What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia:
The only advice I could give to the other students who wish to be here, is they would never regret spending their OJT in Osomnimedia out of all the companies they know outside. It will be all worth it. They would really learn a lot of things since they wouldn’t be just sitting around because trainees here can experience the actual tasks of the workers.

Thank you for everything Osomnimedia family! Most of all, for accepting me and giving me the opportunity to have my OJT here. It was my pleasure to stay and learn. I wish for the greater success of the company and the good workers here. I am grateful to experience AWESOMEnimedia.


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