Meet our New OJT (On the Job Trainee) – CJ

Meet our New OJT (On the Job Trainee) – CJ

clark jaymar

Say Hello to our newest On the Job Trainee – Clark Jaymar from Read Data Access Computer College. Class of May, 2015.

Name: Clark Jaymar Clapano

Nick Name: “CJ”

Age: 21 yrs old

School Name & City: Read Data Access Computer College, Kidapawan City

Major: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, major in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Future Career Goals: To establish a computer school for all, that helps people to understand and love coding, because I too believe that coding is an essential knowledge for us to learn as for today’s technology and also for the future.

Favorite Subject in School: Critical Thinking and Computational Thinking

Hobbies: * Playing online games mostly MMORPG
* Watching movies and tv during my free at home
* Love to create, design and code for the web

Favorite Restaurant or Dish: Meats Steak at Penong’s Barbeque Seafood and Grill

Would you prefer Money or Love: I would prefer money, not because money can give all what I want, nor I like and want money that much but because with money you can do things such as helping not just your family but also other people who is in need, Because I know also the feeling of having nothing in life, and with today’s economical crisis, love alone is not enough. Be wise in life.

In your significant other, what would you prefer; Beauty or Brains?: * Well, I would go for brains rather than beauty. Because with brains comes knowledge and wisdom.

Dream Destination Outside the Philippines: * Korea
* Japan
* Europe
* Canada
* Singapore

What would you like to learn or experience at OSOmnimedia?: Well,I would like to learn in Osomnimedia is how to develop e-commerce web sites and what does it takes to be one of the programmers here. Also, what would I like to experience here is how does Osomnimedia celebrates holiday season, especially Christmas and New Year.