When it comes to website development, the design of your site plays a crucial role.

Designs can make or break your website; sites with good designs can increase a fan base in the same way that poorly created sites may cause a lower number of page views.

Even though you are probably eager to get your new site up and running ASAP, it’s important to first make sure you pick the right platform to work with.

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If you want to engage in e-commerce, we recommend Shopify, recognized as one of, if not, the most popular online store platform in the world.

If you want your company or business to get listed in the web, then WordPress is probably the best platform for you.

I’ll go ahead and give you some introduction and background on both platforms, along with the other tools you might need to know about to help you get your own website started.


WordPress is an easy-to-use framework that gives you complete control of your site’s appearance and functionality.
In its simplest form, WordPress helps bloggers create and publish content on their websites without any coding experience or previous knowledge of development.


WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system.

Despite its humble blogging beginnings, WordPress has taken the world by storm (literally), powering over 60 millions websites today.

One of the most popular blogging platforms in existence, WordPress is a free and open-source tool that can be hosted either on WordPress or on another domain of your choice.

Incredibly flexible and easy to use, it is often the default option for both advanced and novice bloggers.

There is an entire industry built around the creation and sale of custom themes and skins for WordPress, making the otherwise templated platform more personalized and customizable.

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Shopify is a leading cloud-based commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Merchants can use the software to design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops.

This provides a merchant a single view of their business.
The Shopify platform was engineered for reliability and scale, using enterprise-level technology made available to businesses of all sizes.

Shopify makes it pretty simple to change most of the design options on your site, like colors and styles.

You can also easily update your site with new items and even change your theme completely.

If you’re preparing for a new product launch, you can edit sections of your store without taking it offline.

Key Features

Shopify provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and run your business. Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you can find everything you need to showcase your products online, to process payments, and to make your store work for you.

Ways to Sell

With Shopify you can sell products in different ways using many sales channels.  Although you’re not limited to choosing only one way to sell, it’s important to have an idea of your business

requirements so you can choose a pricing plan that works for you.

Pricing Plans

Depending on the type of business you are running and the way you want to sell your products, your needs might vary. Because of this, Shopify offers several subscription plans that have different monthly fees, transaction fees, and store features.

Where to go for Help

Shopify offers many resources to help you succeed. In addition to our company, the Osomnimedia Design Studio, you can find guides and tutorials about growing your business in the Shopify Store Management.

If you can’t figure out how to do something on your own, then you can ask Support, or connect with our designers and developers experts to help with launching, designing, and marketing your store.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) are the cornerstones of web development.


These three programming languages have survived many iterations and changes as technology has evolved.

Even though the hottest technology this year may be different than the hottest technology last year, all of the web development frameworks share one thing in common – you must know HTML, CSS and JavaScript with confidence in order to use them.

JavaScript has become the language of the web.

JavaScript easily surpasses other programing languages as the most popular.

Many developers are now full-stack web developers where they create both their web applications (front-end) and their business logic (back-end) using JavaScript.

Even among this group, a particular set of technologies, all based in JavaScript, known as the MEAN stack has emerged as an incredibly popular way of building web applications.


is one of the primary server-side programming languages for the web and is what powers a lot of WordPress websites. PHP allows you to do some important thing:

Save content to a database

 Read content from a database

Write loops and conditional statements

Pull in WordPress specific information

Pull in files like images, media

Can pull in files like images, media and other PHP, CSS and JS files

Most users can use WordPress without ever learning to program or code in PHP.

However, if a user wants to develop WordPress themes, plugins, or modify default behavior of WordPress by using actions and filters, then they would need to learn the basic syntax of PHP along with HTML and CSS.


Web Hosting (in layman’s terms) is the service of providing storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is made available on the internet, it can be accessed by other computers connected to the internet.

How Web Hosting Works

Web hosts are companies that rent out their services and technologies to host websites on the internet. Once the hosting company hosts your website, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in their web browser.

When they do this, their computer connects to the server your website is hosted on. The server in turn serves (sends the files you have stored on the storage to display) the website to your web visitor in their web browser.

Web Server

A web server’s main purpose is to store web site files and broadcast them over the internet for you site visitor’s to see.

In essence, a web server is simply a powerful computer that stores and transmits data via the internet.

When someone visits a web page on your site their browser communicates with your web server, sending and receiving information that ultimately dictates what appears on the visitor’s computer screen.

Thus, the main purpose of a web server is to store and transfer web site data upon the request of a visitor’s browser.

How Do Web Servers Work?

Every web server and computer that is connected to the internet is assigned an IP address that identifies that device on the network.

Even standard computers are assigned IP addresses when they connect to the internet. An IP address is almost like the return address on a postal package.

When you visit a web site, a request is sent out from your IP address to the IP address of the web server.

The web server then responds by sending data to the requesting IP address, and this is the process through which all data is transferred to your computer from a web site.

More than ninety percent of the web sites on the internet are currently utilizing a leased web server that is being provided by a web hosting company.

Web server capabilities differ depending upon the type, size and provider of the hosting plan.

The best websites today are powered by easy to use content management systems (CMS) that allow you to make changes to a website without needing to touch a single line of code.

WordPress, Shopify and HTML+CSS, all offer great features, tons of customizations, ease-of-use, and strong security.

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