Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Jurs”

Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Jurs”


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at University of Southeastern Philippines. Welcome Jurris Leuwe D. Tolosa (On the Job Trainee) – Class of April, 2016

Name: Jurris Leuwe D. Tolosa

Nick Name:


School Name & City: University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City

Major: BSIT

Future Career Goals: Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Businessman.

Favorite Subject in School: Math & Multimedia Design and Development

Hobbies: Playing basketball, drawing, reading comics, listening to my favorite bands.

Favorite Restaurant or Dish: All of them except dishes with “Alugbate/Alugbati”

Would you prefer Money or Love? Love

In your significant other, what would you prefer; Beauty or Brains? Brains

Dream Destination outside the Philippines: Singapore, New Zealand, Greenland, Ice land

What would you like to learn or experience at OSOmnimedia? To work with other people and to enhance my knowledge in Web designing.