Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Lorz”

Our New Intern (On the Job Trainee) – “Lorz”


From Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology. Let’s say Hello to our newest On the Job Trainee – Lorena Sanchez Piloton – Class of January, 2016.

  Lorena Sanchez Piloton

Nick Name: Lorz

Age: 20 

School Name & City: Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, Mati City

Major: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Future Career Goals:  Work Aboard

Favorite Subject in School: History, Multi Media Production

Hobbies: Reading Facts Books, Eating, Watching movies, etc.

Favorite Restaurant or Dish: Adobo(chicken, pork), Sinigang(pork), Letchon(chicken, pork), Pancit, Sea food dishes

Would you prefer Money or Love? I prefer Love because if you love someone special family you find a way to have money so you can help them and family is a bond. And it is useless to have lots of money if you don’t have inspiration and not every time money can help us.

In your significant other, what would you prefer; Beauty or Brains? I prefer to have brain because if I have brain I can get greater job and can have money.  And that money I have can help me make myselfbeautiful someday.

Dream Destination outside the Philippines: Rome, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan

What would you like to learn or experience at OSOmnimedia? I would like to experience/learn everything that I am capable and that can help me to be a greater person.