My Best Practices for WordPress Blog Posts by MikeF

My Best Practices for WordPress Blog Posts by MikeF

The DOs and DONTs of WordPress Blogging

My Best Practices for WordPress Blog Posts

Since WordPress’ inception in 2005, there are now millions and millions of bloggers using this very popular platform.

Before you join in on the fray, make sure you are fully equipped with the right knowledge and tools to keep your blog posts optimized.

After all, there’s no point in creating a blog when people are unable to locate them on the internet.

Feel free to browse through some of the posts on our blog section to get some ideas.

There are numerous things to keep in mind when starting a blog, but in this particular post, I’ll try to go over and illustrate the most important ones to keep in mind.

Without further adieu, let’s go over My Best Practices for WordPress Blog Posts.

1. Keywords, keywords, keywords

Keywords can single handedly make or break your blog.

There are several sections on your blog where keywords are necessary not only to be added, but to be optimized as well.

Keyword optimization is necessary as it’ll help search engines pinpoint the location of your blog from the many posts and content found on the internet.

Basically, you will be targeting for a “focus keyword” that you know people will be looking for, but not that popular or common that will put your blog entries on the back end of the search results.

My Best Practices: Use a keyword phrase or long tail keywords instead of just a specific word.

See an example of a keyword phrase below:

Focus Keyword for WordPress

When people use search engines, they usually type in phrases designed to narrow the search results.

For the above example, instead of using Webdesign Company

I went a little more specific and used Philippines Web Design Company

Since search engines place results containing the entire phrase at the top, you will get a higher chance of getting those clicks and driving people to your blog posts with keyword phrases.


There are several elements of your blog that needs to be optimized, which includes the blog or page title, the SEO title, the meta description, the body of the blog and the URL slug.

See sample below as an illustration on how to incorporate your keyword phrase on your blog’s content.


Wordpress Blog Title Optimization


Wordpress Blog Content Optimization

2. Be brief and direct to the point

This not only refers to the content, but also to the aforementioned elements above. Don’t worry, as WordPress has a Yoast SEO plugin made to help make this process easy for you.

My Best Practices: If possible and if its “readable,” include the focus keyword on the SEO Title, Meta Description and on the URL Slug.


Wordpress SEO Title OptimizationNote: Limit is approx 60-65 characters. Anything more than that will be cut off.

Yoast SEO will show an orange bar below the SEO title field, indicating you already have exceeded the limit. Preview will also show an incomplete SEO title. (sample below)

Wordpress SEO Title Optimization


URL Slug HTML Link Optimization


Meta Description Optimization

Meta description, according to google, is not part of their search engine rankings algorithm, but nevertheless, having one will make it easier for people to find your post.

Like the SEO title, the meta description also has a limit so it’s important to keep that in mind to avoid it from being cut off.

3. Keep the flow and pace fast but interesting

In the era of the internet, people do get bored easily. It’s important therefore that you be able to keep the readers interested by getting to your point as briefly as possible.

My Best Practices:

  • Avoid long paragraphs
  • Utilize bulleted lists and headers, if possible
  • Use text formatting or illustrations (images) to emphasize important words and phrases

In closing, a good blog is therefore a perfect balance of optimization and readability

It’s important that your content get indexed by search engines, but it’s also important to develop a fan base or a following by creating quality content.

Keep these practices in mind.

Do constant research.

Always be informed.

Never stop learning.

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