Holly, Jolly, Oh-My-Golly OSOmniMedia Year-End Party 2019

Holly, Jolly, Oh-My-Golly OSOmniMedia Year-End Party 2019

Last December 7, 2019, Team OSOmniMedia took a little break from their coding, researching and designing projects to
celebrate the Holidays with the 2019 Year-End Party held at the OSOmniMedia HQ in Sta. Ana Ave, downtown Davao City.

Everyone came prepared with a theme of Yellow, Red & Green color schemes from different departments and each team was
ready to showcase their own talents with their respective song and dance numbers.

Reigning & Defending Champions – The Special Team

Our team of Amazon and e-commerce data specialists (also known as the Special Team) used their
research skills to good use, finding out the best way to outperform their competitors to bag
this year’s major prize in the Team Presentations! Congratulations team!

Runner Up Finish: The Core Team

Our Core team of data entry personnel, IT product specialists and Amazon experts were not to be
outdone, showing their team work and synchronization to perform a funny Dance Show that was
good enough for a runner up finish.

Third Place Winners: The Legacy Team

Our legacy team, made up of our senior designers, programmers and developers performed their
own rendition of a “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer / Jingle Bell Rock” mash-up carol to take home
the consolation prize.

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A party won’t be complete without the food, of course, we have to fill our tummies with all those
yummy Filipino food and enjoying videoke session.

As with any parties, the teams engaged in friendly competition with some fun games that
tested their skills and ability to strategize including Bottle Flip, Flip Cup, Christmas CliffHanger,
Flip Tac Toe, Straw Boss, Throw A Fit, Egg Noggin & Balloon Pyramid.

When the smoke cleared, the Core team came out on top with the most points to bag 1st place
followed by the Legacy & the Special teams.

Achievement Awards

Jazelle Jade Lama was named as the 2019MVP (Most Valuable Player) after leading the team with
the most merits for the year 2019.

The 2019 Rookie of the Year Award
went to Maree Elaiza Sumatra, who led the OSOmniMedia
newbies with the most merits for 2019.

The Best in Attendance Award
went to Kirk Gulle after finishing the year with the least number of
absences and lates.

The Technical Proficiency Award was given to Robert Relativo, who has shown exceptional
technical skills.

Achievement Awards (?) a.k.a. The Funny Office Awards

The PSD (Pala Sing Daily) Award was awarded to Floredane who never misses a day without
belting out in the office.

The Quiksilver Award
was awarded to Kirk who always arrives at the earliest, and starts & ends his
daily tasks like clockwork everyday.

K & N (Klean & Neat) Award
was awarded to Jovy who had the neatest and tidiest workstation in
the office.

LRG (Lahi Ra Gyud) Award
was awarded (?) to Nathan, as he had the messiest workstation in
the office.

AGV (Always Good Vibes) Award
went to Christine Joy, the friendliest & most polite in the office.

Buff Award
was given to Fritz Dannidref who always actively participates in the OSOmniGames and
physical activities.

More Winners…


From all of us at Team OSOmniMedia, we wish everyone a
Happy and Safe Holidays!

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