OJT Program School Partner Profile: Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology

OJT Program School Partner Profile: Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology

OJT Program School Partner Profile

School Motto: “Service and Honor, Voices through Action!”

URL: http://www.doscst.edu.ph/

Name of the School: Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST)

Address: Guang-guang, Dahican, City of Mati, Davao Oriental

Phone: +63 (087) 3884-556


The Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology (DOSCST) was established on December 13, 1989 by virtue of Republic Act 6807 in response to the need for quality tertiary education in the province.  It was a conversion from the Mati Community College (MCC) founded in 1972 by Mayor Thelma Z. Almario who, as congresswoman, authored the law creating DOSCST.

As a local government-run community college, MCC offered liberal arts and business-oriented programs. Since its inception in 1972, Dr. Leopoldo Bravo an administrator of the Department of Education Culture and Sports, headed it.


A university of excellence, innovation and inclusion.


  • To elevate knowledge generation, utilization and distribution.
  • To promote inclusive sustainable development through research-based higher quality education, technical-vocational skills, responsive to the needs of local and global community; and
  • To produce holistic, creative, and inclusive human resource who are responsive and resilient to global challenges while maintaining strong sense of nationhood.

Insights from Student Interns…

Information Technology is a difficult field to study because BSIT does not only focus on its terminologies that must be learned but on the hands-on skill of the student in terms of technology-related activity.

In my four years as a student of DOSCST, it gives me challenging task to improve my ability in terms of information technology despite of the projects, complicated task, reports and nonstop assignment from major to minor subjects. Sometimes, it made me realize how complicated being an IT student is, but I remained positive and motivated with the help of the people who are always there to encourage and give undying support to make me feel happy and inspired every day.

Also, I’m thankful for the instructors who guided me in my college journey and they are always there to share the knowledge they have. Without them, I’m not able to achieve the knowledge about information technology. Lastly, as a senior student I’m looking forward for the opportunities that would come after my graduation.


Clarice Candia, BSIT,

  DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2018)

Four years in DOSCST taking BSIT is enough for me to realize how I’m thankful on the school I continuously spending in college. Every year, the college is doing its best to give the students a higher quality education. 4 years ago compared today, I can see the accomplishments and improvements of the school – from the facilities, office, buildings, security and even on the instructors and staffs. The student can feel more comfortable and safe in the school and can be more satisfied as the state college will turn into a state university as it is now approved on the higher courts.

Studying in DOSCST gives me a simpler way of living. Meet people with different cultures, talk to individuals with different opinions, spending vacant time eating anywhere close to the school, are few from the things you can experience from the school without sacrificing your simplicity in life. And that makes my college great. Being an IT student, the people around me is also living the way I live my life, and that is to be simple. But simple with dreams, simple with something we want to achieve. From the knowledge I learned from my course and school (thanks to the instructors), I want to use this as one of my best instruments to achieve my future goals in life.

I give my thanks and respect to the school, and to all the people I meet through my journey being a BSIT student and a simple individual.


Roy Piañar, BSIT,

  DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2018)

In my four years of being an IT student, my perspective about the course I’ve taken is that, I am looking forward from the school to be more innovative, to teach the next generation to come in more advance, systematically and logically, in order to create a dynamic and rational studies that can able to help not only in our place but also in our country.

My experience being an IT student is not easy. There are a lot of language in programming that’s hard to understand but despite of those hardships I gained a lot of learnings that I can be proud of. BSIT is not easy because there are a lot of logical and technological terms that make me feel drained. But I’m the type of person too that’s not depending on others because I want to learn and grow by my own and help myself to improve my skills.

Also, being an IT student, I want to improve my skills and knowledge – create games using Unity or in Android Studio and creative designs in Photoshop. I’d like to explore and create new things, something that is unique and useful.


Emnest Pril Baliber, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2018)

Taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is not my choice nor one of my choices. Some of my friends told me that this course is not easy. Well they are absolutely true. At first, when the class started and they introduced what Information Technology really is, I found out that it is harder than what I expected. But still I pursued and challenged myself to face the obstacles & finished this course. Until one time I failed one of my major subjects. So, I decided to quit.
But then I realized failures in life is not the reason to give up easily. I may experience failures, hardness and even success but I eventually learned to love this course and yet I’ve learned more about it.

So, there’s no reason for me to stop pursuing to achieve my goals in life and to finish my studies.


Paula C. Liban, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2019)

Before I took this course of Information Technology, I heard some of my co-student that this course is not easy & really difficult. I convinced & challenged myself that I can handle & want to pursue this course. I am more positive that no matter what happened I will not give up.

But later, it’s getting harder until the day came I failed one of my major subjects. It’s really hard & very disappointing when you feel that you are a failure most specially that I am graduating student but still I will never give up & must go on & finish my studies. My family is one of my inspirations & I’m doing this for them. I will take fearless action, not be afraid of failure but learning to embrace it. In order to succeed, you must be willing to experience failure.



Roselle Grace L. Botogon, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2019)

I am a student taking up the course of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology, City of Mati. If I will define what BSIT is for me, it is a difficult course. A difficult course that brings me stress, hardships and tears. It is the course that challenged me more. Actually, I took this course because I thought it is just like solving math, encoding, analyzing problems and more. But when I found out what BSIT really is, I am so worried & asked myself, “ Can I survive this course?” But I pushed myself to continue and not to give up.
I experienced challenges but on these struggles, I learned more about basic coding, designing, web developing, electronics and etc. And those major subjects that I encountered I prefer to design graphics.

But if you love what you are doing and what you choose, your will become successful. It is not impossible to overpass struggles if you believe that you can do it.

So yes, I encountered failures and success. Sometimes I will say, “I quit” and sometimes I will say “I’ll go for it”. But from that I am stronger to continue and to pursue my studies.

Always keep in mind, that there is nothing wrong in trying and doing your best. There is a good result in hard work.


Kimberly D. Adlawan, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2019)

As an Information technology student from Davao oriental Oriental State college of Science and technology I can say that the IT field is really difficult because there are a lot of subjects which are very hard to understand and you need to make too much effort for you to be able understand.

There are also projects that need to be finished in a specific amount of time. I’m thankful that I have those friends that I can ask for help whenever I need them, friends that I can lean on whenever I have problems.

BSIT course gives me a lot of learning about technology.


Junuel U. Veroy, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2020)

As a Bachelor of Science In Information Technology Student has never been easy. IT was my third choice. I’ve asked a lot of senior students in the IT department and all that came in their mouth was “Never took an IT course” that made me curious. I don’t have any idea what world I am going to face, I thought it was more on facebook and everything on social media. But I was so wrong.

In my first year of college I was struggling to the highest level, I don’t know what programming is, Database and all. That was the time I realized that I need to shift in another course. I can’t stand the stress, the crying days, failing exams and some difficult major subjects.

Despite the difficulties, I would like to say thanks to my friends that motivates me to continue and fight this course. Grateful for them and to our instructors who continue to support us and gave us extended days to submit the requirements. Instructors who will push & also to encourage you as well. 

I know that I will be facing many challenges but still I will continue on exploring, growing and learning for the preparation of my better future.


Janessa A. Quibo, BSIT,

DOSCST Davao Oriental (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2020)


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