On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)

On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile: University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)

On the Job Training (OJT) Program School Partner Profile

USeP Motto:
Unity, Stewardship, Excellence, Professionalism
URL: http://www.usep.edu.ph

University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP)

Address: Iñigo St, Obrero, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Phone: (082) 225-4696 or 224 4480

University of Southeastern Philippines – Tagum Campus

Address: Tagum Unit, Apokon, 8100 Tagum City

Phone: (082) 217-3486 or 400 2581

History of Usep

The 15th of December 1978 marked the birth of the sole state university in the Region XI. On this date, Batas Pambansa Blg. 12 was passed, thereby, creating the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES.


The University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) became operational in 1979 integrating the four state institutions in the region: the Mindanao State University-Davao Branch (MSUDB), the University of the Philippines Master of Management Program in Davao (UPMMPD), the Davao School of Arts and Trades (DSAT) and the Davao National Regional Agricultural School (DNRAS). The integration of these institutions paved the way for the birth of the five USeP campuses namely: the Davao City main campus in Obrero with an area of 6.5 hectares; the Mintal campus, also in Davao City, that has an area of 2.8 hectares; the Tagum campus, Tagum City with a 77-hectare land area; the Mabini campus which lies in a 109-hectare land area in Mampising, Mabini, Compostela Valley Province; and the latest addition, Bislig campus in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur with an area of 9.7 hectares.

The early years saw the birth of the College of Engineering and Technology in Obrero campus, the College of Forestry and Agriculture at Tagum and Mabini campuses and College of Arts and Sciences in Mintal campus. The succeeding years witnessed developments in the academic and administrative realms of USeP.

In 1993, through a Board of Regents (BOR) resolution, External Studies Programs were established. These were: USeP-Hinatuan Ext. Program in Surigao del Sur; USeP-Baganga External Studies Program in Davao Oriental; USeP-Kapalong College of Agricultural Technology and Entrepreneurship and USeP-Pantukan External Studies Program.

In 1996, USeP-Bislig campus in Surigao del Sur was established. PICOP waived nine hectares of Barangay Maharlika, Bislig for the initial campus.

From 1993 to 1997, new units were created. Among them were Mindanao Center for Policy Studies (MCPS); Affiliated Non-Conventional Energy Center (ANEC) for Region XI; Office of Admission and Student Records (OASR); Medical Division; Institute of Urban Finance and Management; University Testing and Guidance Office (UGTO); Project Implementation Unit (PIU); Institute of Computing (IC) and Center for Professional Board of Review for Teachers.


A Premier University in the ASEAN Region

By becoming a premier university in the ASEAN Region, the USeP shall be a Center of Excellence and the development, responsive and adaptive to fast changing environments. The University shall also be known as the leading university in the country that fosters innovation and applies knowledge to create value towards social, economic, and technological development.


USeP shall produce world-class graduates and relevant research and extension through quality education and sustainable resource management.

  • Engage in high impact research, not only for knowledge’s sake, but also for its practical benefits to society.
  • Provide quality education for the students to grow in knowledge, promote their well-rounded development, and make them globally competitive in the world of work.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and industry collaboration.

 Insights from Student Interns…

Taking the I.T. course at USEP was very difficult but at the same time it was fulfilling as I learned new things. Skills such as trouble shooting computer units, smartphones, and other electronic devices are just some of the stuff you pick up as an I.T. student. However, despite the stereotype, being an I.T. student is not just all about that. I.T. is a very broad course, that us, I.T. grads, can almost learn anything that will eventually allow us to fit in any industry.

The path to getting that degree however was not smooth and easy, and it will always be, for me, the most difficult part of being a student at USEP. Due to the quality of education and high standards of the school, it’s not unusual for students to just accept a passing grade and/or retake subjects. But overcoming all of these and being able to graduate, for me, makes it all worth it.




Elgen U. Eñigo, BSIT,

             USeP Davao (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2017)


College was indeed the most challenging stage of the life of a student. From the first day of class in college, I have experienced a lot of paper works, activities, laboratory exercises and defending our final projects every semester that gave me chills whenever I heard the word “defense”. But it taught me a lot on how real world works, boost my self-confidence and enhance my skills. And for the future I will engage myself to learn more.

Every semester we had new subjects and we get ready for our new battle. As a student officer last year, it was difficult to handle the time for making the project because of urgent meetings and paperwork for our department. It was tough that these subjects weren’t easy. I once remembered how to crimp and memorized all the colors to enable to pass the activity for the subject Network Technology. Aside from that, I have learned that patience will be needed to perform the task correctly and avoid errors. Passing all the subjects was a great achievement for me because all our hard work and sleepless nights paid off.

Fighting for my dream to finish college improved me to be more creative and competitive to survive in these institutions. At a young age there will be more time to discover a lot of things and enjoy learning more. The knowledge that I gather will be my strength to be more successful in life.




Lyleth Catalan, BSIT,

            USeP Tagum (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2017)


Being a college student in the University of Southeasthern Philippines is definitely not easy. I don’t know how I overcame my other years in this institution, but this institution gave me so much learnings in spite of the circumstances I’ve encountered. From the quizzes, laboratory exercises, unending requirements reporting and every finals we defend our different programs, I am still thankful I conquered it and remain positive.

In my years in this course, it is very challenging because we do websites and programs. Professors are our second parents because they guide and support us in every challenge we encounter. They also empower our knowledge in different subjects to keep us more knowledgeable in the near future. I always keep in my mind the word “patience and perseverance” in this course because this measures how strong you are as a student not knowing that this course is not easy. Seeing all of your grades are passing is very fulfilling for my part, all the hardships in those semesters all paid off.

Aiming to survive college is my main goal in life. I am still in the urge to discover and learn more in the near future. These learnings I had with me now are my partner in crime to become successful in life. College life is the beginning in facing the real world. Indeed, College life is a roller coaster ride!




Jaira Nina Rea P. Chatto, BSIT,

            USeP Tagum (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2017)

Making the shift from high school to college can be a tough one. I have no families nearby so I make decisions by myself. It is very stressful for me because I am not used carrying out with so many responsibilities. I’ve spent most of my time balancing classes, projects, exams and personal life. For almost four years of studying Information Technology in USeP, I can say that it is not that easy. Long hours of studying, restless nights and patience are all attributes of an IT student.

The subjects together with the terror professors that are hard to deal with will bring you so much stress than usual. Also the programming classes and hands-on will cause you trouble if you’re prone to auditory learning. Information technology is a difficult field to study. Not only do you have to learn the hands-on skills on programming and multimedia required for success in the field, but you also have to understand the terms and technical aspects of the business as well.

Behind of all adversities that I’ve encountered upon entering my chosen University are the learnings that will help to pursue my career. My parents expected me to finish my course this semester. That’s why I’m looking forward that together with my group mates we can finish our capstone in time so that those expectations will not be just expectations but a reality.




Gie C. Serrano, BSIT,

            USeP Tagum (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2017)


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course is not that easy for me especially that I am studying in USeP. IT is not my ideal course but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn any of the lessons. At first, it is difficult for me to adjust because I have no idea what the IT course is all about until I found out that I love it already. Because of this course I experienced several sleepless nights, lot of projects and different systems to do in every subject. There are times that even if we are sleepless we need to go to school for us to defend our system. As well as the professors that is hard to deal with, the hands-on tests that causes failing grades if you’ll not accomplish the assigned task causes so much pressure to me. I experienced all of those difficulties as an IT student. I didn’t know how I was able to persist. I am very thankful to God. Without him, I already gave up for this.

For my almost four years in this course, stress and depressions are not only what I’ve got. I’ve learned a lot from our lessons starting from different programming languages, making websites, network technology, photoshop and how to edit videos. Before I have no idea of what they are all about but currently I have gained those knowledge and skills that can be applied for the next chapter of my life. I consider the learnings I gained in my course as prized possession and I treasure it mostly that whatever possession I had. These learnings were my support system to reach and fulfill my dreams in life and become successful in the near future but before I can achieve those, I should need to pass our capstone for now. And to be able to finish from this challenging course is a very huge accomplishment I could do to give honor to my parents and make myself proud in return.

Being in college is the last chapter of being a student and the only genuine way to survive the real world with its consequences around is to face challenges without fear, up in hope and down in despair.




Ricalyn Joy T. Venus, BSIT,

USeP Tagum (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2017)



Being a computer technology student especially from the University of Southeastern Philippines is never easy. People have doubted me for taking this challenging program in which they believe for the ‘hawd ug math only’; however, my desire to learn more of graphic design, code, web development and technology itself have made all their qualms fall on deaf ears. Honestly, every skill you have will be tried, your patience will be tested and your eyebags will be measured because it will really feel like the odds are against you and stress will always be at your side.

I learned more than what I expected to know. Professors might certainly squeeze lemons in your struggling-broke-student life but trust me, it’ll hone you into a better person and will teach you valuable life lessons. In the midst of giving up classmates and friends will be there for you so make some friends and you will never be lonely.
Still, in everything you do, believe that you can and you’re half-way there. Never be afraid to take risks and rise again when you fall because at the end of the day, all your hard work will be worthwhile.



Kieth Ivonne G. Albarando, BSCT,

USeP Obrero (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2019)



I can still remember when I was a kid, I was amazed as to how my older friends held a mouse, browsed through the web, and chatted on Friendster but I was afraid at the same time that I might not able to operate it properly. But when I was in high school, I waded my way through learning the basics of computer by going to a local technical school on weekends. I exposed myself into installing operating system and some kind of software and also practiced some techniques in order to use a computer in a faster and smarter way.

I became more inquisitive as time passed by. It was when I was in my 4th year in high school when I opted to go into a local university and get an engineering course and forgot the inner passion for computer. Even though I was able to finish 4 semesters, something in me sought for that desire even more. Life gets harder when you don’t love what you are doing. So I enrolled at a school which is now my second home, passed the exam and got accepted for a computer course.

Just when I was about to get my hopes up for a new beginning, my professor flunked me in our C/C++ subject. But instead of blaming myself for taking this new path, I kept telling myself that this was the cost of the journey and a lesson that should be cherished as a part of my success. Because of this, I loved my course even more and prepared myself before going to school and not let a day end without even learning a new lesson. I know it’s gonna be so hard but at least I know where this path is gonna take me.



Joseph Callao, BSCT,

USeP Obrero (OSOmniMedia Intern, 2019)


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