OJT Graduate Emnest Pril Baliber from the DOSCST (Davao Oriental State College of Science & Technology)

OJT Graduate Emnest Pril Baliber from the DOSCST (Davao Oriental State College of Science & Technology)

OSOmniMedia - OJT Program Graduation
Emnest Pril in the left along with her supervisor, Jecris Gallardo

Emnest Pril (or April) is now a certified alumni of our Internship Program for students after completing 320 hours of hands on training.

April’s internship allowed her to experience what it’s like to be in a real life working environment. She learned how to manage her time properly.

In her short time with OSOmniMedia, she learned the basics of e-commerce and search engine optimization while working under the Amazon platform. She also learned a lot from her supervisor, Ms. Jecris Gallardo, one of the experienced IT Product Specialist in our team handling popular global brands such as Oakley & Stance.

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We wish April all the best in her future endeavours!

Overall – how was the experience?

My internship experience was thoroughly enjoyable! I’m very blessed that I have been preparing myself to experience what it is like working in the world of industry. As intern, I am very thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Osomnimedia Design Group because I enhanced my skills and will develop it more. Also, I would like to say thanks to my beautiful supervisor, my mentor, my friend to Ma’am Jecris for helping me and guiding me to get my task done on time.
What was the most difficult part about the program at Osomnimedia?

The most difficult part about the program in OSomnimedia is the keyword optimization task as it has a lot of format and categories. That’s why I am always focused to give my full attention and because of that, I learned how to work properly with the help of my supervisor.

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

I enjoyed image editing and enhancement while listening to the music.

How was the staff, were they easy on you, or too demanding? Why?

They are nice, kind and approachable because every time I had my confusions they are always there to help and explain everything to me. To my supervisor she is a hardworking person, my motivator and also a friendly person.

What are your plans going forward?

As a student, my plan is to finish my studies and then find a suitable job so that I can give and support the needs of my family.

What advice would you give other students who choose to OJT at Osomnimedia.

For those who want to learn and experience how it looks like working in a company, choose Osomnimedia. They will help you improve your skills as an IT student.

NOTE: “Self belief and had work will always earn you success” – Virat Kohli

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